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Hey Flame Bae!       It's Jha²..

Black Girl Magic, Beauty, Black Woman
Fire, Flame, Gif

Welcome to my passion project. 

I am taking my time to build this site ONE component at a time; relishing the process.

Slow like an IV drip.

I really wanted a space where I am welcomed to express myself unapologetically.

And what's the best way to do that?

You was right... make your own site!

I curated this safe space for creative & neurospicy individuals alike, to come together and grow. 
If you want to explore your sensuality, embrace your spiritual side and discover the path of least resistance to display your most authentic self… then I invite you to come along on my journey. 


Take a gander..  Who knows…

Maybe you’ll discover some new things about    YOU.

Glow with me Flame.. Let’s set the world ablaze!

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Are you who YOU really want to be or who you THINK you’re expected to be?

You are immeasurably GREAT & there is security in knowing so.

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