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Amazon items you probably didn’t even realize you needed. Episode 1

My sister is always telling me: “You have a shopping problem”, “You have too much stuff”... but she also says, “Wow.. You really do have everything when I absolutely need it!”

That's cause I stay with stuff in my Amazon cart.

Let me tell you.. I do indeed have a shopping addiction. Now, I’m not at the ‘hoarder show status’ and it doesn’t affect my life in any detrimental sense, but I do have ALOTTA shit.

There is a method to my madness though. I’m the fixer upper type and I’d rather do it myself than trust someone else with the labor (my control issues are showing… yikes).

I shop on Amazon for 2 reasons; convenience and possibility/probability.

  • Convenience: I wanna already have it when I need it. 2 DAY SHIPPING!

  • Possibility/Probability: I know that I am either going to utilize said product immediately or I'll more than likely need it eventually (doesn’t matter if that’s next month or next year).

To some, that may seem wasteful, but to me… I seem indubitably prepared.

So I just wanted to share some of the items that make MY life easier. These are items that I searched for, read reviews on, purchased and actually used myself; nothing was gifted or sponsored.

I’m planning on putting out some detailed video reviews on products that I’d ride or die for (probably on YouTube)… So keep a look out Flame Bae!!

*Comment and let me know if you use any of these items*


A tumbler to quench your thirst - 40 ounces that absolutely STAY hot or cold


​4 Piece luggage set with 6 packing cubes - for my travel people on the Go


Large salad spinner - 6.22 QT - get your lettuce clean AND crisp


​Automatic indoor insect trap - zap the annoying fruit flies & gnats


Frosted crystal privacy film - perfect for people who like to keep the blinds open


4 Section laundry sorter/hamper - the bags are portable, it rolls, it's a life saver


​Liquid iron herbal supplement - 23 Ounces goes fast, but the results are worth the price. You'll notice a difference in energy


3 Pack reusable collapsible stainless steel straws​ - save the Ocean one straw at a time


13" modern marbling serving tray with handles - super lightweight - eat off of it or store stuff on it


Organic Mushroom Superfood Powder


Rechargeable clip light - 3 Light Modes & 10 Brightness Levels - a powerful travel light


3 Pack tea Bag organizer - ​quality material - super versatile storage


Bambody absorbent boy short - Period underwear - Love the comfortable fit ​


Sun Visor Hats with Retractable Brim - perfect protection for walks on sunny days


Sleep headphones - Adjustable bluetooth headband - doubles as an eye mask


8 Bay AA/AAA USB battery charger - Get the bang for your buck and use rechargeable batteries


AA rechargeable batteries


Hydration backpack - 2L - Drink with no hands when you're active in the heat


Apple AirTag - Don't lose anything - For Apple users


256 GB - High speed external thumb drive - works for any device including your phone or tablet

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