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Who am I?

If you made it here, you probably know a lil sum’n sum’n bout me already.

My name is Jha-Jha or Miss January if ya nasty.

I’m a Scorpio ♏️♎️♏️ October 26th.

30 something or whateva..

I'm nonchalant, blunt, "crazy", a walking contradiction, etc... The list doesn't really end.

I'm just a regular woman with flaws... I’m not perfect, I’m not vain and I’m comfortable in my being. I like natural shit... hence the Locs.

If you don’t dig nappy hair, sorry for you. I love my hair fluffy and kinky, just like me (pun intended).

Forensic Psychology is my jam.

The end goal is to obtain my doctorate so that I can professionally delve into the minds of criminals (go for the pun).. Specifically serial killers, cause I’m utterly fascinated by them... in a not so creepy way.

*Update: It's just gonna have to stay a hobby.. get somebody else ta do it.

Also, if you like to murder people... um, I would like you to NOT enter my comments, lol.

I am both a little and a lot, extreme and not.. a fuckin whole ass adventure.

I like to interact, shoot the shit, and joke around.. so fuck wit me.

Oh.. I’m a dope ass mom, I love to DIY shit, and my titties sag.



•I'm "rough" and "aggressive" (If that threatens you.. Walk away now)

•I have no filter: I say what I want.. oh.. I cuss a lot... a fucking LOT, so yeah.

•'Bum' is my favorite look.. So if you're looking for the prissy type.. It ain't me. I stay with a bonnet on.

•I'm a major fat girl.. Food loves me. BACON!...BACON!

•Randomly, I put on a British accent and will speak like that for the rest of the day... I wish I was born in the UK lol... #BARS!

•Sometimes I laugh, but don't put 'LOL'... Crazy right?! I'm clearly coo coo for cocoa puffs (I actually don't like that cereal.. It's disgusting) lol.

•I fucks with anime, I dig healing crystals, and I am proud of this black girl (woman) magic that I possess.

•I’m a lil smartmouth muhfucka, so a whole bunch o’ banter is my JAM... jhajajajaja (You see what I did there?... right there)

•Innuendos?? jes please!

•If we cannot fuck around and harmonize like Dru Hill

(me being Sisqó, of course.. whether you can sing or not), then we can’t be friends <—- enter Deborah Cox or Trey Songz right ‘chea LMAO!

•If we cannot reference The Office and just giggle at stupid shit, then

“oh, don’t do it... Oh ma God!”

•I go from one extreme to the next. I will go from listening to Shake That Monkey & twerking on a Sunday morning to reading a book about Psychology to meditating with my crystals to listening to rock music with incense burning. I am a big bundle of SHUFFLE.

•I’m a jack of most trades, so if I don’t know how to.. I will learn to be amazing at whatever.

•If you can’t take a joke.. move along.

•If I'm boring you, then what are we doing here?? And by "WE", I mean "YOU"...

Da Fuq?

*That's the closest I get to French 😏

Feel free to leave a comment.. telling me a bit about you too FlameBae!!


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